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Catering Soup Crocks
Catering Chicken Stock Soup Crock Choice
Chicken Vegetable $6.00
Lentil on the Lamb Soup $6.00
Nonna's Egg Drop $6.00
Beef Barley $6.00
Arthur Avenue Stew $6.00
Tuscan Tomato and Bread $6.00
LI Corn Chowder $6.00
Chicken Mulligata WNY $6.00
Green Split Pea $6.00
Catering Vegetable Stock Soup Crock Choice
Vegetable Chili $6.00
One Potato Two Potato $6.00
Minestrone $6.00
Stuffed Artichoke Puree $6.00
Shrooms and Orzo $6.00
Broccoli and Potato $6.00
Asparagus and Leeks $6.00
Carrot Ginger Lime Soup $6.00
Tomato Tortilla Soup $6.00

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