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Catering Breakfast (Room Temperature)
Room Temperature Breakfast Items
Assorted Breakfast Tray (Nut Free) $5.75
Yogurt and Fruit Bar $9.75
Pastry Chefs Breakfast Tray (Nut Free) $5.75
Smashed Avocado and Friends $8.00
New York Bagel Buffet $4.95
Fritatta Bites $4.50
Euro Breakfast $9.50
French Toast Kebobs $8.90
Assorted Breakfast Pastry and Cheese Tray (NF) $7.90
Fresh Fruit (Sliced or Chunks) $7.35
Catskill Mountain Smoked Salmon Platter $20.00
Standard Pre Fixe Breakfast (Per Person) $7.00

Popular Items
New York Bagel Buffet
Fresh Fruit (Sliced or Chunks)
Sandwich Platter